Our Process

Many times with a credit card machine, you have to wait 2-3 days to get paid. Cash gives YOU as the business owner or event manager your funds immediately. The convenience of having an ATM at your location or event is critical to your success! If you are interested follow these simple steps and we will have you set up with an ATM soon!

Steps To Success

1. Call us at (877) 215-1ATM or email us at Info@CentralILCash.com

2. Our skilled team will come meet you in person to conduct a site survey at your location of business or the event (ie festivals, fairs, etc.).

3. We will schedule an installation date in a short period of time following the site survey.

4. You will have an ATM set which will increase your speed of payment and provide a great convenience to your customers!

5. You will have continual access to our service team who will regularly fill the ATM and be ready to respond should any problems arise.

All you need at the location is internet or a phone line and we will set you up with your own ATM at $0 cost to you as the location owner!

Now that you understand the process please check out our Product Offerings and find the solution which is tailored to your needs! We are happy to offer indoor and outdoor units, enclosed units, and mobile ATM’s! With so many choices, you are sure to find the ATM which best fits you and your business so that you can get CA$H soon!